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What are the ages for the cheer program?

Our cheer program runs from ages 3 - 14 years of age. All cheerleaders must be potty trained.


What are the ages for the dance program?

Our dance classes ranges from ages 2.5 - 14 years old. All dancers must be potty trained.

How much does the competitive cheer program cost?


Click Here.


How much does your dance classes cost?

                 $50/month - 1 class a week

                 $75/month - 2 classes a week 

                 $90/month - 3 classes a week 

What are your term dates?

Competitive cheer: June - February (depending on team)

Fall Dance Classes: September - November

Spring Dance Classes: February - April 

Can we still join your classes after the season/classes have started?

Yes! We will accept competitive cheerleaders through July, on going for fall and spring dance classes.



Can parents watch?

All practices and rehearsals are CLOSED to parents and spectators. 

Do you offer competitive dance?

At this time, we only offer competitive cheerleading. We plan to start our competitive dance program January 2023.


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